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定義済み定数 2933
リソース型 例 PHP Manual » CUBRID 定義済み定数 以下の定数が定義されています。 この関数の拡張モジ ... 実行時に動的にロードされている場合のみ使用可能です。 The following constants can be used when executing SQL ... statement. They can be passed to cubrid_prepare() and cubrid_exec ... nstant Description CUBRID_INCLUDE_OID Determine whether to get OID during query execution. CUBRID_ASYNC E ... xecute the query in asynchronous mode. CUBRID_EXEC_QUERY_ALL ... - [similar]
The MySQLi Extension Function Summary 2926
ノート 例 PHP Manual » MySQLi The MySQLi Extension Function Summary Summary of mysqli methods my ... qli::affected_rows mysqli_affected_rows() N/A Gets the number of affected rows in a previous MySQL operat ... ::client_info mysqli_get_client_info() N/A Returns the MySQL client version as a string $mysqli::client_v ... ::connect_errno mysqli_connect_errno() N/A Returns the error code from last connect call $mysqli::connect ... onnect_error() N/A Returns a string description of the last connect error $mysqli::errno mysqli_errno() N ... - [similar]
MongoDB driver classes 2918
Script Injection Attacks MongoDB\Driver\Manager PHP Manual » MongoDB MongoDB driver classes Mong ... oDB\Driver\Manager — The MongoDB\Driver\Manager class MongoDB\Driver\Manage ... ry MongoDB\Driver\Manager::getReadConcern — Return the ReadConcern for the Manager MongoDB\Driver\Manager ... ::getReadPreference — Return the ReadPreference for the Manager MongoDB\Driver\Mana ... ger::getServers — Return the servers to which this manager is connected MongoDB ... - [similar]
Setup 2910
Quickstart and Examples Running statements PHP Manual » Quickstart and Examples Setup The plugin ... is implemented as a PHP extension. See also the installation instructions to install the » PECL/my ... sqlnd_ms extension. Compile or configure the PHP MySQL extension (API) ( mysqli , PDO_MYSQL , m ... ysql ) that you plan to use with support for the mysqlnd library. PECL/mysqlnd_ms is a plugin for t ... he mysqlnd library. To use the plugin with any of the PHP MySQL extensions, the e ... - [similar]
CUBRID MySQL 互換関数 2903
cubrid_version cubrid_affected_rows PHP Manual » CUBRID CUBRID MySQL 互換関数 目次 cubrid_affect ... ed_rows — Return the number of rows affected by the last SQL statement ... cubrid_client_encoding — Return the current CUBRID connection charset cubrid_close — C ... lose CUBRID connection cubrid_data_seek — Move the internal row pointer of the CUBRID result cubrid_d ... m results of cubrid_list_dbs cubrid_errno — Return the numerical value of the error message from previous ... - [similar]
MongoDB driver 2903
変更履歴 インストール/設定 PHP Manual » ベンダー固有のモジュール MongoDB driver Unlike the mongo ... extension, this extension is developed atop the » libmongoc and » libbson libraries. It provides a ... consider using this extension in conjunction with the » MongoDB PHP library , which implements the same ... higher level APIs found in MongoDB drivers for other languages. This separation of concerns allows the ... ストール手順 実行時設定 定義済み定数 Tutorials Using the PHP Library for MongoDB (PHPLIB) Driver Architectu ... - [similar]
Running statements 2880
Setup Connection state PHP Manual » Quickstart and Examples Running statements The plugin can be ... , mysql , and PDO_MYSQL ) that is compiled to use the mysqlnd library. PECL/mysqlnd_ms plugs into the my ... sqlnd library. It does not change the API or behavior of those extensions. Whenever a co ... nnection to MySQL is being opened, the plugin compares the host parameter value of the co ... nnect call, with the section names from the plugin specific configurati ... - [similar]
Judy Arrays 2860
json_last_error 導入 PHP Manual » その他の基本モジュール Judy Arrays 導入 インストール/設定 要件 ... インストール手順 実行時設定 リソース型 Judy — The Judy class Judy::byCount — Locate the Nth index pr ... esent in the Judy array Judy::__construct — Construct a new Jud ... y object Judy::count — Count the number of elements in the Judy array Judy::__destr ... — Destruct a Judy object Judy::first — Search for the first index in the Judy array Judy::firstEmpty — S ... - [similar]
Sets a callback for user-defined read/write splitting 2860
mysqlnd_ms_set_qos mysqlnd_ms_xa_begin PHP Manual » Mysqlnd_ms 関数 mysqlnd_ms_set_user_pick_ser ... a callback for user-defined read/write splitting. The plugin will call the callback only if pick[]=user ... is the default rule for server picking in the relevant se ... ction of the plugins configuration file. The plugins built-in r ... echanism decisions can be overwritten in two ways. The easiest way is to prepend the query string with th ... - [similar]
CUBRID 関数 2860
例 cubrid_bind PHP Manual » CUBRID CUBRID 関数 目次 cubrid_bind — Bind variables to a prepared s ... atement as parameters cubrid_close_prepare — Close the request handle cubrid_close_request — Close the re ... ection type column using OID cubrid_col_size — Get the number of elements in collection type column using ... OID cubrid_column_names — Get the column names in result cubrid_column_types — Get c ... a transaction cubrid_connect_with_url — Establish the environment for connecting to CUBRID server cubrid ... - [similar]
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