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PECL/mysqlnd_ms 1.5 series 2772
PECL/mysqlnd_ms 1.6 series PECL/mysqlnd_ms 1.4 series PHP Manual » Change History PECL/mysqlnd_m ... .5 series 1.5.1-stable Release date: 06/2013 Motto/theme: Sharding support, improved transaction support ... 注意 : This is the current stable series. Use this version in product ... ion environments. The documentation is complete. 1.5.0-alpha Release dat ... e: 03/2013 Motto/theme: Sharding support, improved transaction support ... - [similar]
The EvLoop class 2765
EvIo::set EvLoop::backend PHP Manual » Ev The EvLoop class (PECL ev >= 0.2.0) 導入 Represents an ... event loop that is always distinct from the default loop . Unlike the default loop , it cannot ... reads we have to create a loop per thread, and use the default loop in the parent thread. The default eve ... omatically by Ev . It is accessible via methods of the Ev class, or via EvLoop::defaultLoop() method. クラ ... = 0. ]]]] ) final public EvEmbed embed ( string $other [, string $callback [, string $data [, string $pr ... - [similar]
Returns a normalized query trace log for each query inspected by the query cache 2765
mysqlnd_qc_get_core_stats mysqlnd_qc_get_query_trace_log PHP Manual » mysqlnd_qc 関数 mysqlnd_qc ... alized query trace log for each query inspected by the query cache 説明 array mysqlnd_qc_get_normalized_q ... alized query trace log for each query inspected by the query cache. The collection of the trace log is di ... sabled by default. To collect the trace log you have to set the PHP configuration di ... _qc.collect_normalized_query_trace to 1 Entries in the trace log are grouped by the normalized query stat ... - [similar]
The MysqlndUhConnection class 2757
定義済み定数 MysqlndUhConnection::changeUser PHP Manual » mysqlnd_uh The MysqlndUhConnection cla ... ion , string $query ) public bool queryReadResultsetHeader ( mysqlnd_connection $connection , mysqlnd_sta ... ) } 目次 MysqlndUhConnection::changeUser — Changes the user of the specified mysqlnd database connection ... MysqlndUhConnection::charsetName — Returns the default character set for the database connection ... ndUhConnection::connect — Open a new connection to the MySQL server MysqlndUhConnection::__construct — Th ... - [similar]
The SolrClient class 2757
SolrObject::offsetUnset SolrClient::addDocument PHP Manual » Solr The SolrClient class (PECL sol ... SolrClient::SEARCH_SERVLET_TYPE Used when updating the search servlet. SolrClient::UPDATE_SERVLET_TYPE Us ... ed when updating the update servlet. SolrClient::THREADS_SERVLET_TYPE U ... sed when updating the threads servlet. SolrClient::PING_SERVLET_TYPE Use ... d when updating the ping servlet. SolrClient::TERMS_SERVLET_TYPE Used ... - [similar]
Architecture Overview 2757
Driver Architecture and Internals Connections PHP Manual » Driver Architecture and Internals Arc ... hitecture Overview This section explains how all the different parts of the driver fit together. From t ... he different language runtimes, through the extension and to the PHP libraries on top. This ne ... w architecture has replaced the old mongo extension. We refer to the new one as th ... e mongodb extension. At the top of this stack sits a pure » PHP library , whic ... - [similar]
Sets the activation steepness for supplied neuron and layer number 2738
fann_set_activation_steepness_output fann_set_bit_fail_limit PHP Manual » Fann 関数 fann_set_act ... ann >= 1.0.0) fann_set_activation_steepness — Sets the activation steepness for supplied neuron and layer ... ivation_steepness , int $layer , int $neuron ) Set the activation steepness for neuron number neuron in l ... ayer number layer , counting the input layer as layer 0. It is not possible to set ... activation steepness for the neurons in the input layer. The steepness of an ac ... - [similar]
Architecture 2738
Concepts Connection pool PHP Manual » Concepts Architecture The mysqlnd connection multiplexing ... P extension. It is written in C and operates under the hood of PHP. During the startup of the PHP interpr ... eter, in the module initialization phase of the PHP engine, it ... qlnd plugin to replace specific mysqlnd C methods. The mysqlnd library uses PHP streams to communicate wi ... th the MySQL server. PHP streams are accessed by the mysq ... - [similar]
Quickstart and Examples 2738
導入 Setup PHP Manual » mysqlnd_uh Quickstart and Examples 目次 Setup How it works Installing a ... proxy Basic query monitoring The mysqlnd user handler plugin can be understood as a ... ySQL extensions ( mysqli , mysql , PDO_MYSQL ), if they are compiled to use the mysqlnd library. The exte ... nsions use the mysqlnd library internally, at the C level, to com ... municate with the MySQL server. PECL/mysqlnd_uh allows it to hook ma ... - [similar]
Establish the environment for connecting to CUBRID server 2730
cubrid_commit cubrid_connect PHP Manual » CUBRID 関数 cubrid_connect_with_url (PECL CUBRID >= 8. ... 3.1) cubrid_connect_with_url — Establish the environment for connecting to CUBRID server 説明 r ... [, string $passwd [, bool $new_link = false ]]] ) The cubrid_connect_with_url() function is used to esta ... blish the environment for connecting to your server by using ... information passed with an url string argument. If the HA feature is enabled in CUBRID, you must specify ... - [similar]