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ロケールの設定に基づいてローカルな日付・時間をフォーマットする 2722
mktime strptime PHP Manual » 日付・時刻 関数 strftime (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7) strftime — ロケールの ... = array( 'A' => 'A full textual representation of the day' , 'B' => 'Full month name, based on the local ... e' , 'C' => 'Two digit representation of the century (year divided by 100, truncated to an inte ... 'E' => '' , 'F' => 'Same as "%Y-%m-%d"' , 'G' => 'The full four-digit version of %g' , 'H' => 'Two digit ... representation of the hour in 24-hour format' , 'I' => 'Two digit repres ... - [similar]
Connection handling and persistence 2722
Architecture Persisting Data PHP Manual » Driver Architecture and Internals Connection handling ... sistence (PHP version since 1.2.0) All versions of the driver since 1.2.0 persist the » libmongoc client ... object in the PHP worker process, which allows it to re-use data ... base connections, authentication states, and topology information across m ... its arguments (i.e. URI string and array options). The driver will attempt to find a previously persisted ... - [similar]
Using the PHP Library for MongoDB (PHPLIB) 2722
Tutorials Driver Architecture and Internals PHP Manual » Tutorials Using the PHP Library for Mon ... goDB (PHPLIB) After the initial driver set-up, we will continue explaining ... how to get started with the MongoDB driver and corresponding userland library ... to write our first project. Installing the PHP Library with Composer The last thing we still ... need to install to get started on the application itself, is the PHP library. The librar ... - [similar]
Architecture 2722
Concepts Connection pooling and switching PHP Manual » Concepts Architecture The mysqlnd replica ... P extension. It is written in C and operates under the hood of PHP. During the startup of the PHP interpr ... eter, in the module init phase of the PHP engine, it gets regis ... me, it inspects queries sent from mysqlnd (PHP) to the MySQL server. If a query is recognized as read-onl ... y, it will be sent to one of the configured slave servers. Statements are considere ... - [similar]
Service level and consistency 2722
XA/Distributed Transactions Global transaction IDs PHP Manual » Quickstart and Examples Service ... r different service and data consistency levels to their users. An asynchronous MySQL replication cluster ... current, stale or no data at all, depending on whether the slave has replayed all changesets from the ma ... on cluster need to be designed to work correctly with eventual consistent data. In some cases, however, s ... r even only master accesses are allowed to achieve the required quality of service from the cluster. As o ... - [similar]
定義済み定数 2722
リソース型 SQLSRV 関数 PHP Manual » SQLSRV 定義済み定数 以下の定数が定義されています。 この関数の ... ative and numeric keys when passed as a parameter (the default behavior). SQLSRV_ERR_ALL ( integer ) Forc ... es sqlsrv_errors() to return both errors and warings when passed as a parameter (the ... e a function and accepts an encoding constant. See the SQLSRV_ENC_* constants. For usage information, see ... e a function and accepts an encoding constant. See the SQLSRV_ENC_* constants. For usage information, see ... - [similar]
BSON type classes and serialization functions 2715
MongoDB\Driver\WriteResult::isAcknowledged 関数 PHP Manual » MongoDB BSON type classes and seria ... ion functions 関数 MongoDB\BSON\fromJSON — Returns the BSON representation of a JSON value MongoDB\BSON\f ... romPHP — Returns the BSON representation of a PHP value MongoDB\BSON\to ... CanonicalJSON — Returns the Canonical Extended JSON representation of a BSON v ... alue MongoDB\BSON\toJSON — Returns the Legacy Extended JSON representation of a BSON valu ... - [similar]
国際化関数 2715
ob_iconv_handler 導入 PHP Manual » 自然言語および文字エンコーディング 国際化関数 導入 インストー ... amount of time to a field IntlCalendar::after — Whether this objectʼs time is after that of the passed ob ... ject IntlCalendar::before — Whether this objectʼs time is before that of the passed o ... DateTime object or string IntlCalendar::get — Get the value for a field IntlCalendar::getActualMaximum — ... The maximum value for a field, considering the objectʼ ... - [similar]
Move the cursor in the result 2715
cubrid_lock_write cubrid_next_result PHP Manual » CUBRID 関数 cubrid_move_cursor (PECL CUBRID >= ... 8.3.0) cubrid_move_cursor — Move the cursor in the result 説明 int cubrid_move_cursor ( ... $offset [, int $origin = CUBRID_CURSOR_CURRENT ] ) The cubrid_move_cursor() function is used to move the ... current cursor location of req_identifier by the value set in the offset argument, to the direction ... set in the origin argument. To set the origin argument, you c ... - [similar]
Probability density function of the uniform distribution 2715
stats_dens_t stats_dens_weibull PHP Manual » 統計 関数 stats_dens_uniform (PECL stats >= 1.0.0) ... ats_dens_uniform — Probability density function of the uniform distribution 説明 float stats_dens_uniform ... ( float $x , float $a , float $b ) Returns the probability density at x , where the random variab ... le follows the uniform distribution of which the lower bound is a ... and the upper bound is b . パラメータ x The value at which ... - [similar]