The Threaded class

(PECL pthreads >= 2.0.0)


Threaded objects form the basis of pthreads ability to execute user code in parallel; they expose synchronization methods and various useful interfaces.

Threaded objects, most importantly, provide implicit safety for the programmer; all operations on the object scope are safe.


class Threaded implements Collectable, Traversable, Countable, ArrayAccess {
/* メソッド */
public chunk(int $size, bool $preserve): array
public count(): int
public extend(string $class): bool
public isRunning(): bool
public isTerminated(): bool
public merge(mixed $from, bool $overwrite = ?): bool
public notify(): bool
public notifyOne(): bool
public pop(): bool
public run(): void
public shift(): mixed
public synchronized(Closure $block, mixed ...$args): mixed
public wait(int $timeout = ?): bool


関連キーワード:  Threaded, public, Manipulation, Synchronization, pthreads, int, chunk, synchronized, count, isRunning