Mailing lists


セキュリティイシューは security@djangoproject.comのみ 報告してください。これは長年にわたり信頼性の高いDjango開発者のみに公開されているプライベートなリストであり、そのアーカイブは公開されていません。詳細は our security policies を見てください。

Django has several official mailing lists on Google Groups that are open to anyone.


This is the right place if you are looking to ask any question regarding the installation, usage, or debugging of Django.


If it's the first time you send an email to this list, your email must be accepted first so don't worry if your message does not appear instantly.


The discussion about the development of Django itself takes place here.

Before asking a question about how to contribute, read Django へのコントリビュート. Many frequently asked questions are answered there.


Please make use of django-users mailing list if you want to ask for tech support, doing so in this list is inappropriate.


A (very) low-traffic list for announcing upcoming security releases, new releases of Django, and security advisories.


All the ticket updates are mailed automatically to this list, which is tracked by developers and interested community members.