The Vtiful\Kernel\Excel class

(PECL xlswriter >= 1.2.1)


Create xlsx files and set cells and output xlsx files


class Vtiful\Kernel\Excel {
/* メソッド */
public __construct(array $config)
public addSheet(string $sheetName)
public autoFilter(string $scope)
public constMemory(string $fileName, string $sheetName = ?)
public data(array $data)
public fileName(string $fileName, string $sheetName = ?)
public getHandle()
public header(array $headerData)
public insertFormula(int $row, int $column, string $formula)
public insertImage(int $row, int $column, string $localImagePath)
public insertText(
    int $row,
    int $column,
    stringintdouble $data,
    string $format = ?
public mergeCells(string $scope, string $data)
public output()
public setColumn(string $range, float $width, resource $format = ?)
public setRow(string $range, float $height, resource $format = ?)


関連キーワード:  Vtiful, Kernel, public, string, int, data, fileName, addSheet, output, sheetName