Partial moves

Within the destructuring of a single variable, both by-move and by-reference pattern bindings can be used at the same time. Doing this will result in a partial move of the variable, which means that parts of the variable will be moved while other parts stay. In such a case, the parent variable cannot be used afterwards as a whole, however the parts that are only referenced (and not moved) can still be used.

fn main() {
    struct Person {
        name: String,
        age: u8,

    let person = Person {
        name: String::from("Alice"),
        age: 20,

    // `name` is moved out of person, but `age` is referenced
    let Person { name, ref age } = person;

    println!("The person's age is {}", age);

    println!("The person's name is {}", name);

    // Error! borrow of partially moved value: `person` partial move occurs
    //println!("The person struct is {:?}", person);

    // `person` cannot be used but `person.age` can be used as it is not moved
    println!("The person's age from person struct is {}", person.age);

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